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Cril is a Independent NYC Emcee/ Producer native of Brooklyn NY. A true student of Hip Hop. He started out rhyming in High School and eventually recorded some of his first music while in college. He also did numerous performances on campus, won a Hip Hop performance contest and went on to release an EP entitled “Critical Thinking The College Years”.  While in college, he hosted a successful Hip Hop Radio Show and after Graduation, went on to pursue his hosting talents by interviewing a plethora of talented and notable Hip Hop/Soul artists via his media platform “Out Da Box Media/ Out Da Box TV”.


After over a decade of interviewing and helping to promote artists in the independent hip hop scene, Cril was inspired to pursue music himself as an artist again, but this time he taught himself how to make beats and produce his own instrumentals in compliment to his return to Emceeing. This progression began in early 2021 and Cril went on to release his debut Album “Growth and Balance” in December of that year. Since then, Cril has continued to pursue his Artist career promoting his new music, producing a music video and performing his new songs. Cril’s producer style has a Soulful, Jazzy, Boom Bap vibe to it. Lyrically his music is thought provoking, uplifting and everyday people relatable.  He is a true student of Hip Hop Culture and believes that Hip Hop should be utilized to inspire and uplift. His upcoming album “The Next Best Step?” is due for release this Spring and he continues to pursue opportunities to promote and perform his music prior to and after his next album is released.  


Cril's released music is currently available on and on traditional digital streaming platforms like Apple, Spotify, YouTube etc. Check out the links below

Cril's Growth and Balance Album (Bandcamp) Digital and CD Available

Cril - Growth and Balance Album (Apple, itunes, Spotify etc.)


Listen to Cril - Growth and Balance Album (on Youtube)

Cril's Bio:

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