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Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Aug 26th - Sept 1st, 2022)

This past week we saw lots of dope Creative or Conscious Hip Hop Album/EP releases and it was honestly really tough narrowing down to just one Best Album of the week, but in pursuit, I chose Atlanta Emcee “JID’s” new album entitled “The Forever Story”. Now I wasn’t really too familiar with JID prior to this new album but I learned that this is a fitting follow up to his original album “The Never Story” which came out in 2017. Still the most recent Solo Album we heard from JID prior, was his “DiCaprio 2” Album which came out in 2018. however, that’s been 4 years since this new Album “The Forever Story”. So it was cool learning of JID’s return to Albums considering the 4 year pause in projects.

This New Album “The Forever Story” showcases the various styles of Emceeing JID is capable of displaying lyrically and it does not dissappoint. He also does some really good singing on “TFS”. The album has some really upbeat and soulful moments that JID seamlessly matches to the groove with his vocals. The subject matter on the album addresses everything from his upbringing experiences in Atlanta, his commitment and love for his Family, the experiences he’s had with them, relationships with his siblings etc. He also touches on sociopolitical topics like the effects of being Black residing in America, striving to overcome challenges, achieving goals, the struggle to grow and change in romantic relationships, working together as a community and more. What’s most interesting about the album is the vast variety of sounds it encompasses both instrumental and vocal. It’s upbeat, it’s boom bap , it’s funky, it’s down south bass heavy, there are a variety of beat changeups, it’s certainly Soulful as well! That’s just on the instrumental vibe, but also vocally, there’s certainly a whole lot happening, JID is rapping fast, he’s rapping slow, he’s rapping with melody, he’s shifting his flows. Lyrically he’s hitting with punchlines and the double entendres, he's packing a lot into his rhymes and he’s also singing really well on certain tracks. My favorite tracks are Money, Better Days, Crack Sandwich, Kody Blu 31, Bruddanen and Sistanem and of course the talked about over 7 minute outro track entitled “2007” which was not included on traditional dsps due to sample clearance issues. However this “2007” track is available to listen to on YouTube now, and is an amazingly fitting outro that I highly recommend you listen to after you get through the entire album on dsps. I embedded it below. As far as the other tracks are very fresh as well and suitably fit the overall listening experience of the album the way they are sequenced on the project. Speaking of sequencing, It feels as though the album continues to become more melodic when it gets to track 6 “Kody Blu 31” and continues with the melodic vibe consistently from there. My most favorite song on the album is certainly “Money” which is actually produced by Soul Council, Hall of Justus Producer “Khrysis”. The album features other Production contributions come from Christo, Monte Booker, KAYTRANADA (Can’t Punk Me), and more Producers. It also hosts Artist features from the likes of Kenny Mason, EARTHGANG, Lil Dirk, Ari Lennox, Yasiin Bey, Lil Wayne, Johnta Austin and more. “The Forever Story” is a thoughtful, adventurous Project that is capable of vibin’ to instantly but will take repeated listens to get the depth of the artistry being displayed. Take your time with this album and feel encouraged to revisit it at your own comfortable pace in the future. J.I.D’s “The Forever Story” is now available on dsps. Listen below

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