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Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (July 15-21, 2022)

This selection for "Best Creative & Conscious Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week” was tough to narrow down to just one Project because these 2 Albums were just exceptional! MRX SX and Clint Taylor’sNRMLZ GRWTH 2: The Search For Zen” and Wordsworth’s “Fragility Of Life” are 2 very thoughtful and conscientious albums with impactful moments of soul, also reflecting on people relatable subjects told by some of the dopest lyricists in Hip Hop. Detroit Emcee “MRK SX” raps about achieving, navigating through life’s challenges, observing the complexities of society and human behavior, growing as an artist in the music business, finding inner peace and more. He spits over some of the best sulful hip hop beats from Ohio’s very talented Producer “Clint Taylor”. The albm also brings along features from skilled Emcees like Elzhi and Skyzoo to lyrically compliment the album even more. My favorite songs on this album are “Zen, We Need, Let’s Begin and Black Man Smile” but honestly all of the tracks are really good, no skips on this project! Very Happy with this Album! When you get a chance, also check out the NRMLZ GRWTH 1. Album which was released last year, another dope project from MRK SX and Clint Taylor

Wordsworth’s newest Album “Fragility Of Life” delivers in a way I am honestly not suprised of. The caliber of lyricist he is, is certainly top notch and not to be questioned if you’re familiar with his Emcee history, However one of the things I love about his Music is his ability to speak so clearly on thought provoking and people relatable subjects. He does that exceptionally on this album! The album’s subject matter addresses topics like overcoming, achieving excellence, critiquing and reacting to racial discrimination and police brutality, experience living in poverty and the hood, the importance of Teachers to the youth, love and relationships, having Gratitude for Life and more. The beats are on the synth soulful side by Producer “Kelwiththaheat” and compliment Wordsworth’s vocal presence pretty well. Another really dope album, favorite tracks are “They Say, Don’t Be Good, Be Great, The Fragilty Of Life, The Teacher Song and Thank God For Waking Up”. Another well put together album by the talented Native BK Emcee. Check out the album now on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Enjoy! Both Albums are on bandcamp and also available on digital streaming platforms. Check them out below



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