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Best Hip Hop Albums / EPs of January 2022

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Since I relaunched this website to run as a New Music Blog last month in January, Since then a lot of dope new Albums and EP releases came out. So I just wanted to share a variety of what I felt were the best releases of creative and conscious hip hop projects that came out already in 2022. The first 15 are in the order of my current most favorites (but they can also fluctuate) and the rest are also really dope but not in any particular order after 15. Again, these picks consist of both Albums and EPs. I think all of them offer something special in terms of quality creative and conscious hip hop. Feel encouraged to take a listen to the different sounds, and let me know what you feel in’. Enjoy! Listen to our playlist on spotify

Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of January 2022

  1. Killah Priest - The Three Fantastic Supermen EPics

  2. T-Nyce & Jorai - Supreme Talk

  3. Che Noir - Food For Thought

  4. ILL Conscious & Mute Won - Acres of Diamonds

  5. Your Old Droog & Tha God Fahim - The Wolf on Wall St. 2: The American Dream

  6. Cordae - From A Birds Eyeview

  7. Act Proof - Between Us and the Word Part 1 EP

  8. R.eally E.xisting N.ow - From Me To You

  9. QThree - disguised blessings EP

  10. Glo Shines - Mosaic Multiverse

  11. Brandon Isaac - Still Healing

  12. Lilblackkids - Planet Of The Blues Part One

  13. Thought Provokah - The Process

  14. Kota The Friend - Lyrics To GO, Vol. 3

  15. P-Ro & I.N.F. - Short Stories & Tall Tales

  16. AJ Suede & Televangelist - Metatron’s Cube

  17. King Author - Now Streaming….

  18. Equipto & Brycon - Can’t Stay Perched All The Time

  19. Iomos Marad & Mauro Gariazzo - City Of Wind

  20. Whozdat - Anything Is Everything

  21. Drew Prince - Suburban City Kids

  22. B Leafs - The Synopsis

  23. calm. - Conversations With A Willow Tree

  24. Bambu De Asiatic - Reclamation (Prod. Supastition)

  25. Phro & Guilty Simpson - Guilty by Association

  26. Imagine - Diaries of Confinement

  27. I Self Devine - That Which Is Hidden

  28. Jiyu Purp - Oblivion

  29. Stanley Ipcus - Among Other Things

  30. 2033 - Mother in Peace

  31. Napoleon Da Legend & Just Music Beats - Modus Operandi


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