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Best Hip Hop Song of the Week (Sept 9 - Sept 15, 2022)

This new track from Michigan Emcee "Sareem Poems" and Producer "Madi" entitled "Fallen Stars" is my selection for "Best Creative or Conscious Hip Hop track of the Week" mainly because of its motivating and uplifting lyrics and triumphant production. The lyrics in the hook express the words "learn to love yourself for who you are, embrace the story behind them scars, look back and see that you've come far, the flash amongst the fallen stars". The song subject matter addresses the importance of loving self and appreciating the journey of where you are at the present time of life, not settling but dealing with the reality of current circumstances and pushing through to overcome, realizing it's okay to be who you are and not someone else. In a way it's an ode to the working class person. Production wise it's Soulful, its Uplitfing and Triumphant. Check out the single now on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms



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