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Cril of Out Da Box Media releases New "Interview Podcast" Guide Book

I’m so excited to announce the release of my “Interview Podcast Guide Book” entitled “Creating A Successful Interview Podcast: A How To Guide” now available for purchase as an E Book on Amazon Kindle. This work has been truly a labor of love from the time I started to put it together around last year spring. I always wanted to put out a book years ago but struggled with what to write about. I was inspired to write this guide book about Podcast Interviews after getting such a great feedback from my amazing #OutDaBoxTalks and #OutDaBoxTV audience as well as the compliments from so many talented artists I’ve gotten the chance to interview. This book offers insight into Master Hip Hop Interviewer "Cril's" experience as a podcaster over the last 13 years. This writing is specifically crafted to inform the reader on steps they can take to create and develop a Successful Interview Podcast. The focus is specific to the topic of conducting "Guest Interviews" and provides simple guides on everything from putting together the concept of your interview show, to getting your first, second and future guest interviews, learning how to earn prospective guests, refining your podcast to a niche, coming up with unique and exceptional questions, interviewing etiquette such as avoiding filler responses and filler words, being confident as the host, preparing for unpredictable podcast moments, learning to interject politely as the host during an interview and so much more. The book is a short but comprehensive read and features a combination of main guides and bonus guides that Cril has learned throughout the years of his experience interviewing music artists on his journalist platform Out Da Box Media (via Out Da Box TV and Out Da Box Talks Podcast). Cril has interviewed some of the best artists in the Indie Hip Hop and Soul Music scene of the last 3 decades. It is an absolute pleasure for him to share this knowledge with readers. May this read inspire and strongly help you to develop you Podcast Interview strengths!


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