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Hip Hop Album/ EP of the Week (Feb 10th - Feb 16th, 2023)

What's good ya'll! pardon the late post for last week's Best New Hip Hop Album selection. This post came now, due to some other priorities I had to take care of. For our new album selection of last week, I chose the new thoughtful Hip Hop Album from Mississauga, Ontario Emcee "Es" and Toronto Producer "Das Da Beat Junkie" entitled "Driver Or Driven". This album features 12 tracks clocking around 33 minutes. The production by "Das Da Beat Junkie" is Boom Bap, Jazzy and overall subtle. The subject matter on the album addresses the following questions, Are you the Driver or the Driven? Are you the type to take control of your destiny (driver) and be accountable for your actions or are you the type to sit back and wait for a handout (passenger seat rider)?

The album's message is as much self reflective for Es as it is motivational for the listener. It's about staying focused and moving forward on your goals despite obstacles that may occur. This project is dedicated to the grinders and go-getters. And what's clever about the lyrics is the use of words that relate to the theme of "Driving" (example: cars, passenger, driver seat, door etc.). This creative approach helps to convey the underlying message of "self achievement and go-getting" on the album.

The tracks on the project expound on topics like never giving up, staying motivated towards goals, steering the way to success independently and not asking for handouts, being self accountable and Es believing in himself, blocking out negative energy while trying to rise, overcoming complacency, becoming more of an actual "doer" than someone who just talks about doing. Also on the closing track, Es expresses his gratefulness for being acknowledged while recognizing the value of "Acknowledgement" and how much he needs it.

There are a lot of clever lyrcial moments to unpack on this album, but the lyrics are quite easy to grasp with careful listening. Es has an easy going, people relatable approach in how he delivers his rhymes. The standout tracks in my opinion are "Doers, In The Driver's Seat, Complacent and Akcnowledgement." The Album also has a balanced variety of Artist features from Righteous Dax Flow, Nomadic Poet, Mathematik, Blueprint and a couple other dope DJ contributors. Each feature lends a well complimentary addition to the album. Check out "Driver Or Driven" by Emcee "Es" and Producer "Das Da Beat Junkie" now available on bandcamp and dsps. Feel encouraged to support quality and thought provoking Hip Hop like this, if you like what you hear. Check out the album below



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