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Hip Hop Album of the Month (October 2021) Best Projects of Oct 2021

With so many great Hip Hop Albums and EPs released in this month of October alone, I had to sit with everything I have listened to thus far and I came to the conclusion that my favorite Hip Hop album of the month has to go to Passport Rav's Album "Sand In My Carry On" for his strong Vocal Emcee presence and easy going smooth flow which clearly is present throughout this entire album. He has a voice with a flow that comes across so effortlessly with this project. There are a number of thought provoking moments on the album and in terms of its overall sound, I don't even find my self skipping any tracks, with production from Sebb Bash, Wavy Da Ghawd, Megala Don and Don The Jeweler. I often enjoy the soulful cinematic beats chooses to rap to which are also well displayed on his "Travel Ban" album which was released earlier this year. Now choosing this album was a close one because there were some other really good Hip Hop projects that came out this month. Check my list below for some of the other dope Hip Hop projects that came out this month that I also enjoyed.


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