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Hip Hop Single of the Week (Sept 16 - Sept 22, 2022)

This new track featuring Emcee "Wordsworth" entitled "It gets better" alongside Singer "Pav Bundy", Producer "PA. Dre" and hosted by Gully TV, is my selection for best Hip Hop single of the week due to its story telling, thoughtful and retrospective lyrics about the ups and downs and experiences of hood life. Wordsworth is the primary Emcee on the track contributing the only two rhyme verses, but Pav Bundy's singing vocals on the hook equally compliment the song exceptionally. The hook is reflective but motivating as Pav carefully sings the words "I done been here before, all these trying times, in my mind.... it gets better now....with time.... and I hope you'll see the sun...". The production is emotional and soulful! Reall awesome effort all around from everyone who contributed to this track! The single is now available on dsps

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