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Hip Hop Song of the Week (Oct 14 - Oct 20, 2022)

This new single from Detroit Producer "Apollo Brown" and Chitown Emcee "Philmore Greene" entitled "Paradise" featuring "Evidence" is my selection for best Hip Hop Single of the week due to its Boom Bap soulful vibe and thought provoking lyrics about the struggles and challenges of growing up / living in the hood and the pursuit to overcome and find a safe place through it all. The hook line in the song where Philmore Greene says "cause when the night time cover the city, you better search for a safe place you could stay, just find your way" exemplifies the core of the message on the song. Dilated Peoples Emcee "Evidence" contributes a dope verse to go with the "inner city" theme that Philmore's lyrics reflect. The beat flows leisurely but very Boom Bap soulful and the drums are strong and impactful as expected from Apollo Brown. Although the song is titled "Paradise" it feels like the lyrics are more about navigating through common obstacles of the inner city and finding that place of Safety and Peace aka "Paradise". Overall it's a solid new track which is also the second official single from "Apollo Brown" and "Philmore Greene's" upcoming album entitled "Cost of Living". The album is due for release date on November 15th, 2022. Check out "Paradise" and also their previous single entitled "Time Goes" out now. The single in available now on bandcamp and dsps. Check it out below



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