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Hip Hop Song Of The Week (Sept 30 - Oct 6, 2022)

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

This week is selected another dope new and thought provoking Single from Michigan Emcee "Sareem Poems" and Producer "madi". A couple of weeks ago I selected their track "Fallen Stars" as "Hip Hop Song of the Week" but this time I decided to select their new single entitled "Piece of the Pie" which is just as soulful and thoughtful as the other track. The lyrics on "Piece of the Pie" reflect on the topic of a working class man doing his best to overcome and provide for his family, while keeping a piece of mind. It deals with the subject of recognizing the importance of money but not letting it define the value of the individual. The song also speaks on the importance of Responsibility, Providing for Family, giving Care and Love, and knowing your worth beyond money. A mellow vibe but certainly inspiring and uplifting song! The music is now available on bandcamp and dsps via Illect Recordings

Side note, this track came out on bandcamp on Sept 29th but was released the very next day on dsps on Sept 30th, and that's when I heard it so I decided to go with the dsps release date



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