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#NewAlbum: Blacmav - Shades of Blac

A collection of remastered fan favorite songs from the late talented producer "Blacmav" entitled "Shades of Blue" is now available on bandcamp. Album is very soulful and features a host of talented Emcees. Read more on the Album's description below:

"Blacmav passed away shortly after returning from a yearly producer's retreat with The Dirty Ol' Men, an international collective of producers and artists. His energy, humor, and production style were foundational in the growth of The Dirty Ol' Men.

To honor his legacy, The Dirty Ol' Men have remastered a few of Blacmav's fan-favorite songs across all of his released material to create a collection of his greatest hits. Soulful songs such as 'That Feeling' and 'Anita' will touch your heart and remind you just how talented he was. He wanted to be known for his overall production skills and not just his beat-making abilities. Spend 38 minutes on a journey of head nodding, feel good, boom-bap hip-hop music discussing topics from self-reflection, cultural awareness, and relationships.

The majority of the songs are produced by the late great, Blacmav himself. It is Executive Produced by his wife and daughter, Adrienne and Zahria, respectively, and is curated by Rod Wallace of The Dirty Ol' Men.

Sit back, relax and we hope you enjoy the ride!"



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