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#NewAlbum: Funky DL - The In and Out of Love Tape

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

New Album from Producer, Emcee “Funky DL” just in time for Love Day on monday, entitled “The In and Out of Love Tape”. Check out the album now on bandcamp and on digital streaming platforms, read the description below:

From romantic tales of bliss, to heartfelt tales of woe, Funky DL lyrically weaves through this 14-track Valentines Day inspired compilation, "The In and Out of Love Tape".

From the jump, the set features alternating joints dealing with the difficult sides of intimate relationships and conversely the joy and happiness that come with making a real connection with that special someone.

Love isn't always a bed of roses and this album diversely reflects the reality of the range of feelings and emotions embodied when two people connect or disconnect.

From pain, infatuation, passion, betrayal and affection, the smooth beats help to convey the messages in the lyrics and stamp a seal on Funky DL's ability to express himself, showing his confidence and his vulnerability across the set's 50-minute plus duration.



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