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#NewEP: Funky DL - Still Classic

After releasing one of my favorite Albums in December “Beautiful Soul” as well as another dope project “The In and Out of Love Tape” just recently in February, Emcee, Producer “Funky DL” is back on a roll with a New Project entitled “Still Classic”now available on bandcamp. Read the description of the album below:

“2022 marks the 25th anniversary since the 1997 release of Funky DL's debut album, "Classic Was the Day".

Usually, Artists tend to mark these anniversary milestones with remastered or remixed versions of the original songs, but Funky celebrates the old, with something completely new.

Introducing, "Still Classic", an all new 7-track set, which celebrates how Funky DL's very first album came to be.

From friendship, the inspirations and the opportunities, to the business, the struggles, disappointment and successes, Funky DL tells the tales of his journey during the latter half of the 90's in pursuing his dreams.

In true boom-bap fashion, DL musically hones in on many of his musical inspirations at the time. This project ushers tones of Tribe, Pete Rock and DJ Premier throughout, in homage to the beauty of Hip-Hop and its musical greats during that era.

"Classic Was the Day", was a stand-out project within the UK Hip-Hop scene. At a time when the UK were fought furiously to be seen and heard within the Hip-Hop world, a then 19-year old DL stepped in the arena with colorful, jazzy beats and playful rhymes. It was a step away from the usually harder and gritty sound of most UK Hip-Hop and DL was notably highlighted as one to watch.

Created as a reminder to what we all love about the purity of Hip-Hop, this new project perfectly coasts, with head-nodding beats, breaks and slick rhymes to suit.

There's no question... Funky DL is... "Still Classic”



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