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#NewInstrumentalAlbum: Andre 3000 - New Blue Sun

After 15 years of releasing Albums as 1/2 of the one of best hip hop duos of all time a.k.a. OutKast, Andre 3000 releases his first ever solo album entitled "New Blue Sun" but it's not what you would expect, as it has no rapping or vocals, but him showcasing his range as a flutist. Yes this is a strictly instrumental album but unique and soothing in sound. I admit I was a bit dissapointed when I heard that this was gonna be strictly insturmental, but one first listen I am intrigued by the sound. I also find the long song titles to be intriguing as well. I'm also a fan of Instrumental and Jazz Music so I can appreciate these generes of music as well. Check out the album now available on dsps



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