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#NewMusic: Beloved Ones - NOW feat. General Steele, Asun Eastwood, Andreena Mill (Video)

New music/video from the Beloved Family featuring General Steele (of Smif-N-Wessun), Asun Eastwood, Andreena Mill entitled “Now” now available on digital streaming platforms. Watch video below and read the meaningful details about song from Video description

“GIVE THANX. I’m so excited to announce my BELOVED family’s newest video release to the community.

I hope this video “NOW” inspires you to also recognize those who are great in your life. Honour the great people who may not otherwise know their value to you. I challenge you to do it. Why wait to honour those who have impacted your life after they’ve gone? How many people leave us without knowing the impact they’ve had? Greatness often goes unacknowledged. Love can often go unexpressed. It’s the assumption and expectation that the individual already knows how we feel, and that can become a hindrance to giving them their FLOWERS. Great individuals walk amongst us, many of who are family and friends. Let’s show that love. Let's allow this love to become an extension of ourselves. Allowing it to seep into our communities. Saturating the seeds of love that exist. Cultivating a community garden of love, consciousness, awareness, and compassion. There are so many people who have impacted my life in so many ways, and I am making it my mission to let them know how they have enriched my life right NOW! The song is available on all streaming platforms! Be sure to also check out our website



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