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Out Da Box Radio - 14KT Interview

This week Out Da Box Radio brings you our exclusive interview with Ann Arbor, Michigan Producer “14KT”. Fresh off the release of his latest LP entitled “Nickel & Dimed”, we got the chance to speak with KT for a truly in-depth interview. We spoke on a number of intriguing topics, including KT’s introduction to music, his earlier days as a member of the the Athletic Mic League (AML), the meaning behind his new album, his approach to production, the Soulful Michigan scene, and his previous work with Jay Electronica. 14KT also spoke in-depth on the topic of today’s electronic music and how to distinguish between what’s quality vs what’s wack. In conclusion, 14KT also gave us some insight into some of his upcoming projects including a collabo lp entitled “Taking L’s” with an emcee named “Ozay Moore” which he provided the production for, and a full length collabo project with Ohio vocalist "AB", as well as some additional work with AML emcee Buff 1 . There’s a whole lot more insightful conversation in this interview, so I strongly encourage you to take the time to listen whenever you get a chance. Please be encouraged to comment and spread the word about the interview if you like what you hear. Also feel free to purchase 14KT’s "Nickel & Dimed" Album via itunes or UGHH. Thanks for supporting Out Da Box. Enjoy!



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