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Out Da Box Radio - Kev Brown Interview

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you a special interview featuring accomplished DMV Hip Hop Producer “Kev Brown”. We got the chance to speak in-depth with Kev on a number of current and encompassing topics that reflect his entire music career. He took the time to speak on his initial connection to music and how he got inspired to test the waters as a producer. He also spoke on his famous “Brown Album LP” (The Remix of Jay-Z’s Black Album) and explained the role that Peter Rosenberg (Now, Hot 97 Personality) played in influencing the project. Kev also brought us up to speed on his latest “Brazil Dedication LP” and gave some insight into what he experienced while recording in Brazil. Among other things, he spoke as well on his approach to beatmaking, his motivation for writing raps, and his hopes to work with a greater variety of names in music. He even shared some info regarding some astonishing names he’d be excited to record with, and touched briefly on his anticipated collabo work with “Busta Rhymes”. There’s so much insightful information in this interview, I strongly believe that true beatmaking fans as well as those dedicated to supporting “Kev Brown” will greatly appreciate this. Please take the time to listen to this significantly in-depth interview and definitely feel free to spread the word if you like what you hear. Much Thanks always. We truly hope you are inspired!



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