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Out Da Box Talks Episode 28 – Cambatta Interview

In this Episode 28 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee "Cambatta" on his upcoming LP "LSD" Lunar Solar Duality due for release on July 21st on Mello Music Group alongside a number of other topics. The interview starts off with Cambatta explaining how he was able to perfect his lyrical craft and develop a strong delivery as an Emcee. He then talks about the inspiration for the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) references of Netcheru and other Dieties from the different Spiritual and Mythological backgrounds in his music. He also gives insight into the reason why human beings are so gullible to systems of Religion as opposed to Spirituality. He takes the time to speak about his creative approach to his music an gives examples of how he was able to achieve success with certain rhymes. Cam also gives insight into his experience with and reference to Psychedelic substances as well as how it has impacted his music. The interview talks about everything from achieving goals to elevation to overcoming fear as a distraction, to understanding the difference in shifting of consciousness from the 3rd dimension to 4th dimension and so forth. In the interview Cambatta also shares what it was like to collaborate with legendary Emcee "Canibus" and what lead up to their collaboration "Canibus/\Cambatta". The interview also touches on what fans can expect with his new LP "LSD" on July 21st and how it distinguishes itself from his other projects. This was a very insightful interview. We certainly hope you enjoy! Listen below and at this link



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