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Out Da Box Talks Episode 47 (Jamil Honesty Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with native Staten Island, now Baltimore, MD Emcee "Jamil Honesty" on his inspiration to Rap, growing up in Staten Island, moving to Baltimore and developing as an artist. He also talks about his collaboration with Producer "Hobgoblin" and the Marty Music series, as well as some of the themes on the latest project, telling his truth in his music, his approach as an artist and much more. Jamil's sound is very reminiscent of the raw 90's Wu Tang, East Coast Hip Hop sound but he demonstrates in his own unique way. Definitely a sharp lyricist who has a lot to offer to the hip hop artform. I certainly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this interview. Listen below and at this link



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