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Out Da Box Talks Episode 49 – ILLOGIC Interview

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee/ Producer “ILLOGIC” about his inspirations to rap and also produce, he talks about his experimental approach to music, the purpose of the successful “Super Duty Tough Work Podcast” he shares with fellow Emcee “Blueprint”, how he defines success as it relates to the podcast, his recent "Cosmogramma Interpretations EP" and the inspiration for the project. For the remainder of the interview, ILLOGIC takes the time to delve deep into the sounds, the themes and some of the lyrics on his latest Solo Album entitled “Autopilot”. He talks about his hands on approach to the LP, his first album where the rapping , producing, mixing and even photography is all done by him. He explains why he chose to title the project "Autopilot" and uncovers the meaning behind some of the intriguing lyrics on the album. This interview was a special one! I approached the questions with the intention of learning as much as I could about the Autopilot LP to get a better understanding of ILLOGIC's creative approach with the project. I certainly hope you enjoy and if you listen to the album, it enhances your experience! ILLOGIC's "Autopilot" is currently available on his bandcamp page and just updated is NOW on streaming services. You can listen to this episode below or at this link



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