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Out Da Box Talks Episode 5 (Ash Cash Interview)

Out Da Box Talks host Cril talks with Financial Expert "Ash Cash" on variety of topics relevant to the financial upliftment of the african american, working class & hip hop community. Topics are inspired by Ash Cash's successful literary work entitled "The Wake Up Call" a book inspired by accomplished Artist "Jay-Z" which Ash took the time to decipher financial jewels displayed by Jay on this impactful album. Ash speaks about everything from his upbringing in Harlem's St. Nick Housing Projects, and gives his professional insight on topics of ownership, passive income, real estate, stocks, starting your own business and more. We talk about how hip hop lyrics rarely reflect education when it comes to making business moves and how he's making a difference as an author/ financial expert contributing to the culture. He even gives us some insight into his upcoming book inspired by the financial/business minded lyrics quoted by the late great Artist "Nipsey Hussle". This was definitely an insightful interview that many could learn from for now and years to come. Enjoy! Listen below and at this link

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