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Out Da Box Talks Episode 60 - Breeze Brewin Interview

Host Cril talks with Juggaknots Emcee "Breeze Brewin" about his journey to start a career in Hip Hop, coming up in the underground scene of NY with his brother and sister as part of the group "Juggaknots". He also talks about his new Album "Hindsight" which was recently released last month and why it took so long for him to finally release his solo debut. In the interview he delves deep into the subject matter and lyrics expressed on "Hindsight" about life experiences, being a NYC Educator, relationships with past friends and much more. Breeze also talks about his experience working with Producer "Prince Paul" for the conceptual "Prince Among Thieves Album" and how the experience impacted his career. Overall the interview clocked in close to around 1:30 mins and is also available to watch on our youtube channel Out Da Box TV at video above. Breeze's "Hindsight" LP is an outstanding release, and it really makes an impact lyrically if you take the time to listen. Definitely as skilled Emcee who has been contributing to the lyrical artform for quite some time. Hopefully he gets his just due with this album and you are inspired after listening/watching this interview. Listen to audio podcast in high audio quality at this link or below



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