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Out Da Box Talks Episode 70 (Mega Ran & Noveliss Interview)

In this Episode 70 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Emcee's "Mega Ran" and "Noveliss" about their history as artists as well as their solo accomplishments throughout the years. They also talk in depth about their New Collabo Album "Maverick Hunters" which follows the theme of the Mega Man Video Game series. We talk about the subject matter, and some of the lyrics on each track on the album. The two Emcees also talk about their success and the relatability with bringing their love for Video Games and Anime into the world of Hip Hop. They also speak about the producers involved in the Maverick Hunters album, what else they have instore for this project and more. This is definitely an in depth interview which takes the listener/viewer full into the world of the Maverick Hunters Album, but also gives a good understanding of who Mega Ran and Noveliss are as Emcees with regards to their journey, as artists who have both been making a strong name for themselves in the Underground Hip Hop scene for years now. It was definitely a pleasure to build with them for this show. I hope you enjoy and are inspired!



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