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Out Da Box Talks Episode 75 (Skyzoo Interview)

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 75, Host Cril talks in depth with Brooklyn Emcee "Skyzoo" about his Amazing New Album "All The Brilliant Things", the meaning behind the Project, its concept and significance of the Cover Art. He also talks in depth about a number of the music tracks on the album, including certain lyrics, the prevalent theme of "Gentrification" addressing the cause, effects and outcomes of this housing and economic issue. We also talk about the amazing production on the album and how Sky was able to make the Album sound so cohesive with different producers. Also, we took some time to converse about his Successful "Milestones" EP which he released last year, which was my Favorite EP of 2020 and addresses "Fatherhood" from a positive perspective so eloquently. For those who are fans of Skyzoo and are particularly happy with these 2 recent projects, I think you will certainly appreciate this episode. If you are knew to Skyzoo, this interview will likely help to enhance your experience with his New Album as well as last year's Milestones EP. Enjoy and Be Inspired! Watch Video of Interview above on our Youtube Channel Out Da Box TV and Audio of interview below (also on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc.)



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