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Out Da Box Talks Episode 87 - Rita J & Neak Interview

In this Episode 87 of #OutDaBoxTalks host Cril talks with Chicago Emcee "Rita J" and Producer/Emcee "Neak" about Rita's new Album entitled "The High Priestess", some of the lyrics, themes and thought provoking topics on the album. Rita talks about the reason for her time away from music over the past decade, working on developing her selfcare and growing. She also holds confident to being an emcee that true to her own authentic sound and not influenced by the hypersexual image promoted for some women in Hip Hop. Neak talks about the production contributed to the album his fulfilling experience working with Rita, Producer "Rasheed Hadee's" executive role on the album. Rita talks about what inspired the thoughtfully emotional track "real men cry", the significance of the track "Feminine Rising" and more. Neak taks about his production approach to the entire album and much more. Watch Interview via video above on our Youtube Channel Out Da Box TV. Also listen to the audio podcast at link below



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