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Out Da Box Talks Episode 91 - Chima Anya Interview

In this Out Da Box Talks Episode 91, Host Cril talks with UK Emcee and Dr. "Chima Anya" about his inspirations to pursue music, his over a decade of achievements as an artist and love for rhyming. He talks about his experience collaborating with Producer "SoulChef" who produced his "No Pressure" album in 2019 and also fully produced his latest Album "Modern Fairytale" which was initially released in May of this year but became available on digital streaming platforms earlier this month. Chima talks in depth about "Modern Fairytale", a concept album which in its description, addresses the age old fairy tale stories of outdated morals and monsters but examines what these morals and monsters look like in 2021 and beyond. He also talks about his love for hip hop and staying motivated to pursue music, he talks about his ability to balance being a Doctor, keeping the integrity and commitment in his profession and maintain self care. Chima really takes the time to delve into the many thought provoking subjects on the Modern Fairytale album as they relate to todays world and shares insight on what's next to come musically in his career. This is an in depth but insightful interview. Enjoy! Watch interview on our youtube channel at Out Da Box TV at video above and listen to high quality audio podcast below.



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