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Out Da Box Talks Episode 94 - Illingsworth Interview

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this Episode 94 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Detroit Emcee, Producer "Illingsworth" about his inspiration for pursuing music, his thoughtful but humorously clever lyrical approach, his drive for making beats and more. We talk about some of his music selections from his vast beat tape catalog but delve even deeper into his lyrical catalog which features some extremely clever and thoughtful rhymes. We talk about his latest single "Around" which finds him singing over some dreamy electro soul production, his recent Emcee Project "I Didn't Think This Through (2017 Demos)" released in May of 2020, his "OLD MAN RAPS" EP released in 2019, his "You're No Fun" single released in 2018 along with the Album, his 2016 Album "I Didn't Ask For This", his "Giant Slide" EP in 2014 and even his hilarious "Dreams In San Franscico" scat jazz track released years ago on bandcamp. I had a lot of fun doing this interview. Illingsworth is one of the most skilled and unique Emcees I have heard in recent years. I feel like he doesn't get as much recognition as he deserves. His humorous but clever and thoughtful wordplay as a lyricist is something I feel is extremely special to hip hop. His production embodies the soulful sound that Detroit Music is known for. It was indeed a pleasure chatting with this good brother. I certainly hope you enjoy. Also there is a bonus exclusive interview I have with Illingsworth which is available on our Out Da Box Media Patreon Page, I assure you it's a really fun and dope listen. If you like this main interview, I think you'll really enjoy the bonus interview as well. You can become a patreon by subscribing at the link below. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this main interview. Thanks for rocking with Out Da Box! Watch Video Interview above and listen to high quality audio podcast at player below (Also on Spotify, Google, Apple, Overcast etc.)



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