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Out Da Box TV – Black Milk talks “If There’s A Hell Below LP”, Artist Maturity, Pete Rock, Bun B + m

Out Da Box TV is happy to bring you our final episode of the year, featuring an insightful talk with Detroit Producer/Emcee “Black Milk”. We got a chance to chat with Black recently about his latest LP entitled “If There’s A Hell Below”. He spoke about the initial concept of the album and what he had in mind for the theme. He also expounded on his maturity as an artist over the years, lessening the glamour raps and penning lyrics that reflected more of life’s struggles and his connection to community & family. We went on to dissect probably the most intriguing song on the LP entitled “Story And Her”, a song that finds Black linking up with a female crush of the past, that takes an unfortunate turn as the story comes to a close. The interview concludes with Black detailing how his collaborations with veterans Pete Rock and Bun B came to be and finishes up with what’s next on the list for his music career. It was indeed a true pleasure linking up with the homie once again. He was one of our first Out Da Box TV interviews when we launched back in 2008, so it was great seeing him progress after all these years. Feel free to cop Black’s latest LP and stay tuned for more talks from him on the next segment of our uplifting #BeInspired Series, that piece will be be up by the end of the week. In the meantime, take a moment to enjoy this video!



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