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About Out Da Box Media

My Name is Corey AKA Cril, I am the Founder and Producer of Out Da Box Media / Out Da Box TV. I created Out Da Box Media as a result of my passion for sharing creative and quality music that was often being overlooked in the mainstream / commercial media. I found this passion during my earlier years as a producer / host at my College Radio Station. Since my graduation, I have worked in the music business for over 6 years. I was an Urban Programming assistant at Music Choice and a Sales Representative at Fat Beats Distribution. Prior to leaving Music Choice in 2007, I helped to launch one of the first Underground hip hop video shows for air on Cable On-Demand. The show entitled “The UnderGrind” was sponsored by vehicle company, Scion and aired in the summer of 2007. Around the same time, my Internship was coming to an end and I had to leave Music Choice. While moving on, I felt the need to fulfill a void and continue to participate creatively in the music business, so I decided to create my own music related website, which spearhead into the creation of my video show “Out Da Box TV”. My diverse love for music has grown enormously since I left Music Choice, and Out Da Box Media has become a successful outlet that has helped to reflect this. With the growth of Out Da Box TV, I’ve been able to connect directly with the people as a result of the wonderful artist interviews I’ve been able to share. It has been an amazing experience and continues to fulfill my passion for sharing quality music each day I progress. I intend to bring my viewers and listening audience the best in Quality and Creativity that Independent Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Electronic Artists have to offer.

Update:  Out Da Box Media had now added to its Platform "Out Da Box Radio": Which includes A NYC based Podcast and Music Mixshow bringing you Brand New creative and conscious Hip Hop and Soul content through Artist Interviews, Talk Show Segments and Music Mixes.  Our Out Da Box Talks Podcast is currently on, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc.  And our Music Mixes are on Mixcloud.

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