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Best Hip Hop Album/EP of The Week (Aug 5 - Aug 11, 2022)

So last week was a pretty light week in terms of New Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Albums/EPs however one project that stood out to me is this new Album from Emcees “Mega Ran, Penny The Great, and Producer Slopfunkdust” entitled “Protoculture Season”. What’s cool about this album is the fact that it’s a concept album inspired by the influential 1980’s Anime entitled “Robotech”. What’s dope however is even if you haven’t seen “Robotech” you can follow the general story being told from track to track on this album. It’s a story about an alien starship named “The Super Dimension Fortress” (aka SDF1) that crashed on a South Pacific island on Earth and was rebuilt with a technology called Robotech found on the ship. This technology helped the Earth develop giant robotic machines (many of which were capable of transforming into vehicles) to fight extraterrestrial invasions from the rivalry alien group “The Zentraedi”. The Micronians (aka Humans) engaged in battle and ways to fight off and avoid the Zentraedi invasions from their pursuit of the SDF1 which housed a factory and generator for the valued energy source known as “Protoculture”. What is cool about this album is that it takes the traditional concept approach and tells the story from track to track as if you were reading an adventure novel. Mega Ran is well known for doing concept themed albums like this, so I wasn’t surprised by his lyrical presentation on this project, however I was not familiar with “Penny The Great”, but after listening to him on this album, I have to say he definitely delivered with his story telling and contributions of lyricism. Both him and Mega Ran really compliment each other, trading bars back and forth about the story on the album. Slopfunkdust also offers some excellent Production, which involves more of a cinematic sound reminiscent of 80s cartoons and theme music from action pack films. This album is the type of album you have to sit and listen to each track by track and follow the story, but once you tune in, it’s not that difficult to grasp. The music doesn't give off a head nod Boom Bap vibe, so if you are impatient when it comes to analyzing music, then this album probably won’t have a big impact on you. However, if you’re fan of traditional concept albums, you’ll most likelyappreciate this. Check on the “Protoculture Season” album now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Enjoy!

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