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Best Hip Hop Song of the Week (Aug 19th - Aug 25th, 2022)

This new single from Dilated Peoples Emcee, Producer "Evidence" entitled "Nothing Stays In Las Vegas" Produced by "The Alchemist" was released on Friday August 19th, and is slow flow display of lyrical cleverness. In my opinion, the subject matter on the song has little to do with the song title in a litteral sense. However, in listening through the lyrics, the overall subject matter seems to reflect the virtues of hard work paying off, overcoming failures, having humility, appropriately facing fears etc. It seems as though the title "Nothing Stays In Las Vegas" is simply just a fitting line in the song, but if I had to apply it to the overall theme, I'd say that it speaks to the broader idea of not hiding from ones inner truth. No matter where one travels to, they still have to face fears and overcome failures, and those challenges doesn't just remain at the physical location where they intially occured, it follows them mentally until the challenge is addressed in a progressive manner. This idea is displayed in the line where Ev says "running from what I don't want but I'ma have to face it, and when I do, blessings come as affirmations". Production wise, the song has a mellow dreamy vibe to it, allowing Evidence to express his thoughtful choice of words at a careful pace. There's a dreamy vocal sample played out through out the majority of the song and the beat changes up slightly after the close of the second verse, with a sort of chopped and screwed effect, slowing the instrumental down along with the vocal samples. This track is now available on digitial streaing platforms and the artwork is a combination of Evidence's photos. Take a listen to the music. Enjoy!

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