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#NewAlbum: Earplugz - I Think It’s Over (Album)

New Album from new Hip Hop group “Earplugz” entitled “I Think It’s Over” it actually came out at the end of January but now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read description below including how th group came together

A breath of fresh air, in a league of it's own... Backed by The Emblem, brought to you from The Land of Enchantment.. Based on true events...Don't overthink once the thought is over...

The artist with the aliases Realistic & Precision merge as one under the name Rize-Again. The artist with the aliases Vibe Tyson & Flip Saben merge as one under the name Khaanduit.

Rize-Again & Khaanduit come together as one to form the duo Earplugz...The outcome of the combination is a full length LP called "I Think It's Over"; a title based on the problems of overthinking and how to overcome this habit...

Raw beats with the headnod factor intact. Addictive loops with almost a meditative quality. Bars packed with content & depth. The Earplugz chemistry is undeniable...



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