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#NewAlbum: Substantial & KDFoxx - Animal Arithmetic Vol. 1 (Album)

New Album from Emcee, Producer “Substantial” and Illustrator, Writer “KDFoxx” entitled “Animal Arithmetic Vol. 1”. We’ve been posting a few singles lately. The project is mostly an instrumental album but there a few tracks with vocals, overall a good listen. Album is produced mixed and mastered by Substantial and is also now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read the bandcamp description of the album below:

“Animal Arithmetic (AA) is an end-times story - a call to introspection - in the form of manga, animation, and Jazz-Hop. Animal Arithmetics creator, Queens native, Kenya “KDFoxx” Danino is an illustrator, writer, and former mentee of acclaimed storytellers Peter De Seve, Terryl Whitlatch, Thomas Astruc, and Hiroyuki Asada. When the time came to produce the soundtrack for AA, KDFoxx teamed up with veteran Maryland, MC/Producer, and 2x Hollywood Music in Media nominee, Substantial, known for his work with Nujabes, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Arknights. The result is soulful, mostly jazz and funk-infused Hip-Hop instrumental soundscape featuring live instrumentation by Jonathan Smalls, Malcolm Jackson, Marukabis, Marcus D, and Mason Lieberman. The album also features vocal guest appearances from EyeQ, MLLN, and of course Substantial along with voice-over actors Ashley, Christen, Binks, Daniel Acosta, Farah Naz Rishi, Hunter Scott, Noell Webber, and Rachelle Etienne-Robinson.”




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