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Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop - January 2022 (Cril's Picks)

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Below is my Playlist of music selections which were just singles and from what I consider to be the Best Hip Hop Albums and EPs to be released in the month of January 2022. Feel encouraged to follow the "OutdaboxHipHip" Playlist on Spotify. I plan to add a new Playlist every month. Also check out the Best Albums/EPs list I put together for the month of January 2022 below as well. FYI some music from the album list are currently only on bandcamp but I will update them to their appropriate release dated playlist list if/when they arrive on spotify. I will also be adding new Albums and EPs to the “Best Of” list below (as I learn of them) according to their month’s release date

Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of January 2022



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