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Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (July 22-28, 2022)

There were a number of anticipated Albums and some surprising projects that came out in the past week, so it was just a tad difficult determining what to consider as my favorite “Creative or Conscious Hip Hop Album/EP” for the week, but after repeated listens and observance of the new Projects I had to go with South Carolina Emcee “Jorai” and Producer “DJ Ambush’s” new Album “For The $oul”. Jorai is certainly a talented Emcee who has a poised flow and smooth delivery. DJ Ambush has a knack for flipping vocal soul samples and creating smooth Boom Bap beats. The music on this album reminds me a bit of early “Little Brother” from their debut album “The Listening”, specifically the track “Jewelz” is reminiscent of that early LB sound. In terms of the subject matter, Jorai touches on topics like overcoming and being an underdog artist coming from South Carolina, what it means to be a “King” and “Brother” in modern, “every day man” use of the terms. Having prayer and faith, sharing words of wisdom as a father to his daughter as well as having appreciation for the wisdom he’s gained from his mom. Also reflecting on past experiences, coming of age and more thought provoking, people relatable topics. The album clocks in at 43 minutes and 22 seconds in duration with 14 tracks. A mature and mellow boom bap soulful project! My favorite tracks are “King, Brother, I Know, For The $oul, I Pray, Jewelz and Kitchen Table Conversations (what a dope record!!). However the music is dope all the way through! The album is now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms



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