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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of April 2023

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The previous month of April felt a little quiet for New Creative & Conscious Hip Hop Project releases, but we still managed to get quite a few dope new Albums and EPs that came out. New releases from Black Thought & El Michels Affair, Figub Brazlevic & John Robinson, Yungmorpheus, Emskee & Milkcrate, Budamunk & ILL Conscious, def prez, A.P. Da Overlord & Don Carrera, Len-Dor, BlackLiq & Mopes and much more. Check out our best of selectons list in rank order from 1 thru 20 below. Everything from 1 thru 14 is currenty in the correct rank order, but 14 and up can fluctuate. Most of the projects are available on dsps, only a small few are available excusively on bandcamp currently. Check out the titles below and their links to where they can be streamed and purchased.

Also, as usual check out our "Best Of" Hip Hop Playlist for the Month of April 2023, to hear some of the dope new stand alone singles from other Creative and Conscious Hip Hop artists as well as albumtrack selections from this list via our Spotify Playlist "New Hip Hop (April 2023)". You can also check out this playlist embedded from spotify below

  1. Black Thought & El Michels Affair - Glorious Game

  2. John Robinson & Figub Brazlevic - Live Life and Tell Stories

  3. Yungmorpheus - From Whence It Came

  4. Emskee & Milkcrate - No Jokes For The Kids EP

  5. Budamunk & ILL Conscious - Sakanoue EP

  6. def prez - It's Always A Time Like This

  7. A.P. Da Overlord & Don Carrera - The Last Action Hero

  8. Len-Dor - The Truth They Deny

  9. BlackLiq & Mopes - Choice Is A Chance

  10. LA The Rapper - BETTA EP

  11. Madlib & Meyhem Lauren - Champagne for Breakfast

  12. Steel Tipped Dove & Alaska Atoms - The Structural Dynamics of Flow

  13. Y.N.X. 716 - Messages In Money$

  14. JustVibez & Negro Justice - Art of The Craft

  15. Meeco & DJ Access - We Run Sh*t

  16. Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz - Charlie Tape

  17. Mical Parksnun - Still....

  18. King Author - Life Flashing.... EP (Bandcamp)

  19. Backwoodz Studioz - High Bias (Bandcamp)

  20. Swizz Beatz - Hip Hop 50 EP

New Hip Hop April 2023 (Spotify Playlist)


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