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Best Hip Hop Albums/ EPs of February 2022

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Greetings! And thank you for following this blog as well as our #OutDaBoxHipHop Spotify Playlist if you’ve done so already. This is my list of Favorite Hip Hop Albums/ EPs to come out in the Month of February so far! There’s a chance I missed out on some other dope hip hop releases to come out this month so I’ll probably be adding a few more releases to this list as I learn about them but this will certainly be the bulk of February releases added below. 1 through 17 is in the exact order of my favorites but everything from 16 after is not in any particular order. The site is dedicated to Creative and Conscious hip hop. So my Album/EP picks will be centered around those specific themes. A few Albums and EPs are currently only on bandcamp but most of the releases are on digital streaming platforms. Also check out the “Out Da Box Hip Hop Soul” Spotify Playlist for February 2022 at this link

  1. Scienz Of Life - Change Ya Views

  2. Lord Kayso - MOOR CHORES (Bandcamp)

  3. Saba - Few Good Things

  4. Es - You Want A Piece Of Me?

  5. Canibus - One Step Closer To Infinity

  6. Big K.R.I.T. - Digital Roses Don’t Die

  7. Homeboy Sandman - There In Spirit

  8. C-Red & The Roux - Heir

  9. Macs The Realest - Aganju (Bandcamp)

  10. WateRR & Tone Beats - Order of The Day (Return Of The Cherry Tree)

  11. Funky DL - The Ins and Outs of Love

  12. L.O.U. & Big O - Journey Of Choices - An Awakening Mind

  13. Cashus King - Cashus Kingdom

  14. Heaven Razah - Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn

  15. Tha God Fahim and DUS - One Thousand and One Nights EP

  16. KRS-One - IMAMCRU12

  17. King Author & Haleem - Through & Through (Bandcamp)

  18. Anwar HighSign (Has-Lo) - Live Ni**a Rap (Bandcamp)

  19. BearTooth Collective - Unity Tape Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)

  20. AnyGivenTWOSDAY -AnyGivenTWOSDAY EP

  21. Joc Scholar - Street Spiritual Science (Bandcamp)

  22. 13Five - Master Equality Pt. 4 (Bandcamp)

  23. Nicholas Craven - Craven N 3

  24. Lars Viola - Surface Noise

  25. Pro-Logic & DJ Quanta - The Serum Vol. 1

  26. Uptown XO & Snypa B - Bumpy X

  27. Dom Deshawn - Tale of Two Seasons

  28. BLAX - Angeline

  29. Lu Chin Chen - NA Meeting

#OutDaBoxHipHopSoul SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop of February 2022)

Check out my #OutDaBoxHipHop Spotify Playlist for the Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Music to come out in February 2022. This list includes a variety of music from my Favorite Albums and EPs of February listed above, excluding the Bandcamp only releases. Remember to Follow the #OutDaBoxHipHopSoul Spotify Playlist Enjoy!


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