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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of February 2023

Updated: Apr 1

What a month it's been for "New Creative & Conscious Hip Hop Project Releases"! There were certainly a number of dope New Albums and EPs released in this Year's 2nd month/Black History Month. We received new Projects from DJ Dacel & JSWISS, Rawlsmatic, Skech185, MidaZ The BEAST, Murs & El Lif, Stik Figa & DJ Sean P, Es & Das Da Beat Junkie, Jehst, Nappy Nina, Josiah The Gift & SB11, Maxo, Tha God Fahim, Logic, Pruven, Neak, Supastition and more. This was a quite a solid list of new releases whether Album or EP, with a lot of lyrical gems to sit and decipher but enjoy overall. It felt like a core "Underground Hip Hop" month of new releases. Below is my compiled list of dope new Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Albums that came out in February 2023! This list is in rank order from 1 through 15 etc (a few selections my change around but not much, this is the solid list). Most of these albums are are available on the common digital streaming platforms, others are exclusively available on bandcamp. We also got a few dope new instrumental albums which I'll list below as well (no rank order for those however)

Also, as usual check out our "Best Of" Hip Hop Playlist for the Month of February 2023, to hear some of the dope new stand alone singles from other Creative and Conscious Hip Hop artists as well as album track selections from this list via our Spotify Playlist "New Hip Hop (Feb 2023)". You can also check out this playlist embedded from spotify below

Post by Cril of Out Da Box Media

  1. Josiah The Gift & SB11 - God Is Gracious

  2. Stik Figa & DJ Sean P - Pookey: Stik Figa Finds Himself

  3. MidaZ The BEAST - The Devil's Playground

  4. Supastition - Every Last Word EP

  5. Pruven - Egregious Elevation (Bandcamp)

  6. Es & Das Da Beat Junkie - Driver Or Driven

  7. Maxo - Even God Has A Sense of Humor

  8. Neak - Die Wurzel

  9. DJ Dacel & JSWISS - Do It Now EP

  10. Skech185 - He Left Nothing For The Swim Back

  11. Logic - College Park

  12. Nappy Nina - Morning Due

  13. Jehst - Mork Calling Orson

  14. Murs & EL Lif - Take It Easy My Brother Murs EP

  15. Tha God Fahim - Iron Bill

  16. Rawlsmatic - Role Reversal

  17. Lonnie Oceans - More Flowers EP

  18. Rob Gonzales & DJ Proof - On Second Thought

  19. StefanOtto - The Brave, The Free Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)

Best Instrumental Albums of February 2023:

  1. Black Milk - 2 (Bandcamp)

  2. Oh No - Good Vibes

New Hip Hop (February 2023, Spotify Playlist)

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