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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of January 2024

Updated: Mar 2

Okay, pardon for getting this list out a bit late, but this is it nevertheless. The new year started off quite dope with a variety of fresh new albums from Quality Emcees. The month of January 2024, brought new Albums from Detroit's "Bruiser Wolf" with his anticipated new album "My Story Got Stories". This album has so much dope rhyme quotables and showcases why Bruiser Wolf is one of the most clever, funny and uniquely talented Emcees of today. Also in the month of January, we recieved the anticipated follow up collabo album from Masta Ace & Marco Polo entitled "Richmond Hill". A Project of exactly what you'd expect from this duo since their debut project together "A Breuklen Story" released in 2018. The accomplished Hip Hop Group "Arrested Development" keeps it consistent yet another year with their latest album  "Bullet In The Chamber" giving the thought provoking melodic soulful hip hop that they've always been known to bring. The Group lead by Emcee "Speech" and Production mostly from Configa an others. Also January brought new Releases from Passport Rav & Wavy Da Ghawd, R.A.P. Ferriera & Fumitake Tamara, Curtiss King, Bumby Knuckles & OG JAZZO, Ill Sugi & Pruven, Che Noir and certainly more talented Artists. Also we got some cool new Instrumental Hip Hop Projects in the month of January 2024 as well, check them out below. Check out my favorite hip hop selections for the month of January 2024, in rank order below. Enjoy!

Also, as usual check out our "Best Of" Hip Hop Playlist for the Month of January 2024, to hear some of the dope new stand alone singles from other Creative and Conscious Hip Hop artists, as well as album track selections from this ranked list, via our Spotify Playlist "New Hip Hop (January 2024)". You can also check out this playlist embedded from spotify below

Post by Cril of Out Da Box Media

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Best Instrumental Albums/EPs of January 2024:


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