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Best Hip Hop Albums/ EPs of March 2022

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

This list consists of my Favorite “Creative and Conscious” Hip Hop Albums and EPs to be released in this month of March 2022. Most of these releases are available on digital streaming platforms except for some that are only currently on bandcamp which I noted in parenthesis. I linked each Album/EP to one of their digital locations. Also I will be likely adding more Projects to this post but this will be the bulk of the list. I also put together a Spotify Playlist with most of these tracks along with new singles that came out in this month of march. Check out the playlist below and feel encouraged to follow the #OutDaBoxHipHopSoul Playlist when you get a chance. This Hip Hop Playlist is entitled March 22 (Creative and Conscious Hip Hop) and is also embedded below. Will also be updating the spotify playlist as well but this is solid for now


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