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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of March 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

Lots of dope creative and conscious Hip Hop Albums/EPs were released in the month of March 2023 and it was honestly difficut to put this list together. Some of my favorite projects came from Talib Kweli & Madlib, Navy Blue & Budgie, illingsworth, Mach-Hommy, Tha God Fahim, Arrested Development, Brandon Isaac, Murs & Wiardon and much more. My 2 absolute favorite Projects are Talib and Madlib's Liberation 2 (exclusively on Luminary), and Navy Blue & Budgie's "Ways of Knowing" LP. I also really liked "illingsworth's" new project also because he's just so dope of a lyricist and its been years since he put out a full length Emcee project. Check out these including my favorite selections in rank order from 1 through 20. Afrter 20 I try to put the list in the most accurate rank order, but those can also fluctuate in order. Below I also listed some of my favorite Instrumental Hip Hop projects to come out this month, and honestly all of them are really dope, from Benny Reid & Havoc's live instrumntal rendition of the classic Mobb Deep Infamous Album, to 9th Wonder's newest ZION series (which start out with six really dope vocal tracks btw), to Vitamin D's funky drum heavy beat tape, and Drew Dave's Boom Bap Soulful "Revival" tape. Check out the list also below, no specific rank order.

Most of these Albums/EPs are are available on the common digital streaming platforms, others are exclusively available on bandcamp or the artists website.

Also, as usual check out our "Best Of" Hip Hop Playlist for the Month of March 2023, to hear some of the dope new stand alone singles from other Creative and Conscious Hip Hop artists as well as album track selections from this list via our Spotify Playlist "New Hip Hop (March 2023)". You can also check out this playlist embedded from spotify below

Post by Cril of Out Da Box Media

Updates: New Albums/EPs added

Best Instrumental Hip Hop Albums/EP of March 2022

4. Drew Dave - Revival (Bandcamp)


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