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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of March 2024

Ok I'm a few days behind on getting this list out but here it is. Certainly, the month of March delivered as quite a big month for new Hip Hop releases. Lots of dope new Albums and EPs came out and some of my top favorites came from some really lyrically clever Emcees. We received projects from Skyzoo & The Other Guys, Ransom & Harry Fraud, Roc Marciano, Body Bag Ben and Vega 7, Smooth Haynes and other super lyrical Emcees. Also some thought provoking and self reflective releases from Big Chief Solo-Ra, Everliven Sound & Slimeline Mutha, Chuck Strangers, Mega Ran & Jermiside, Locksmith, Reks & Karlitodakid and more. Check out my selections in rank order from 1 thru 15. The rest also dope but can fluctuate, in no specific order.

The majority of these projects are availble on traditional digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music etc however there are a few that are currently just available on Bandcamp. I noted bandcamp next to these releases listed below. Also Check out our "Best Of" Playlist below for the Month of March 2024. The playlist includes some of the new stand alone singles from other artists, as well as Album/EP track selections from this list. Our Spotify Playlist is entitled "New Hip shop (March 2024)". You can also check out the playlist embedded from spotify below. Enjoy the music!

  1. Skyzoo & The Other Guys - The Mind Of A Saint (Deluxe)

  2. Ransom & Harry Fraud - Lavage Misery EP

  3. Roc Marciano - Marciology

  4. Body Bag Ben & Vega7 The Ronin - Kawasaki Killers

  5. Smooth Haynes - Vainglorious EP

  6. Big Chief Solo-Ra - The Primer (Bandcamp)

  7. Chuck Strangers - A Forsaken Lover’s Plea

  8. Everliven Sound & Slimeline Mutha - Echo Chamber

  9. Mega Ran & Jermiside - The Lure Of Light

  10. Locksmith - No Atheists In Foxholes

  11. Reks & Karlitodakid - I Am Not Your Negro EP

  12. Real Bad Man & Lukah - Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace

  13. NAHreally & The Expert - Blip

  14. O’hene Savant - W.A.T.S.

  15. Tristate - Air Max King II EP

  16. Buddy - Don’t Forget To Breathe

  17. LEX and Buck - Real Estate

  18. Bryce Savoy - Big Bryce Son EP

  19. Enoch - Waiting For Something To Happen

  20. Silent Knight - Restoration Vol. 3

  21. Blu & Shafiq Husayn - Out Of The Blue

  22. Skanks The Rap Martyr and TRE EIHT - 2 Sided Story EP (Bandcamp)

  23. African King Fre$h - Night Equals Day EP

  24. MIKE - Pinball EP

  25. Divine Scienze - Divine Scienze III

  26. Cookin Soul and Ras Fresco - Bakin Soul

  27. Wahid - feast, by ravens EP

  28. Brainorchestra - Greatness Takes A Lifetime EP

  29. School Boy Q - Blue Lips

  30. Jae Skeeze - Testament Of The Times

  31. Sleeping Dogs - Will We Ever Dance Again (Bandcamp)

  32. Shabazz Palaces - Exotic Birds Of Prey

  33. Thought Provokah - Expensive Threats

  34. Nejma Nefertiti - Animal Barz EP

  35. Pep Love - Acres Of Diamonds

  36. CALIsthenics - CALIsthenics


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