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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of May 2022

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Alright it’s time for our new “Creative and Conscious Hip Hop” list. I have to say that this list was a bit difficult to come up with for the month of May 2022. While there wasn’t a whole lot of albums to choose from, there were a lot of “Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Albums” that sounded good enough to include but even more difficult to rank in a BEST OF order to add to this list. I felt like there were a lot of tie‘s especially from titles number 7 and down. The first six albums are my favorite in that order currently, but the rest can certainly fluctuate. This is the best order I can create for now but I encourage you to check out all of the Album/ EPs listed and figure out what you like the best. Remember the is the "Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Albums" I feel has come out in the Month of May 2022! I’ll likely be adding a few more Album and EP selections to this list, but this is certainly the bulk of it and the Best I've come up with so far. Also visit our Spotify Playlist at OutDaBoxHipHopSoul to find our new playlist entitled “May 2022 (Creative & Conscious Hip Hop)” Just click this link to check out our playlist of our favorite tracks from these projects and singles from other artists that came out in the month of May 2022. Enjoy the music!

  1. Black Star - No Fear Of Time (Luminary Podcast)

  2. Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

  3. Libretto & Vitamin D - Rusty Bladez

  4. Prime Minister - The Fall Tones: Kahawia Na Machungwa Vol 1

  5. Your Old Droog - YOD Stewart

  6. Monielle - 1994

  7. Jermiside and The Expert - The Overview Effect

  8. Aaqil Ali & Y.N.X 716 - Dusty Souls

  9. Senor Kaos & Illastrate - Kings Of Vice Vol. 2

  10. Makeba Mooncycle - Just A Part Of Me

  11. Deca - Smoking Gun

  12. Mathematik - No Division Vol 2

  13. Quelle Chris - Death Fame

  14. Spoda - Food For Thought

  15. Ghettosocks & DK - Listen to the Masters

  16. Longshot - The Healing

  17. Passport Rav - Peace Of God

  18. Destruct - The Best You Never Heard

  19. Buckshot - I Am The Boss

  20. Napoleon Da Legend - Versatilis Prolificus

  21. Prop Dylan - Bushido Code

  22. Drew Prince - 32 EP

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