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Best Hip Hop Song of the Week (July 29-Aug 4, 2022)

This new single from Emcees “Mega Ran, Noveliss, and Substantial” entitled “Morning Glory” was released in the past week, and even though they are all three exceptional Emcees, I wasn’t expecting this track to be so amazing. Each Emcee shines in a meaningful and thoughtful way lyrically and the order in which they appear on the track sequences really well. The. Production has a subtle soulful anthem vibe and compliments to the vocals of the emcees really well. But I think it’s also the other way around, The three Emcees also compliment the beat strongly with their vocal personal and lyrical presence. Not just any Emcee can further accentuate this type of beat, so it speaks to their talents as lyricists (who’m have all been making a mark rhyming for years). Check out the new single from Mega Ran, Noveliss and Substantial below also now available on digital streaming platforms.

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