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Best Soul Albums/EPs of July 2023

There were a number of Dope New Soul Projects that were released in the previous month of July 2023. It wasn't a huge list based on my research so far but certainly a solid list. The first 4 Albums listed are top tier favorites of mine, and even though they are in rank order from 1 thru 4 currently, any of those 4 albums could be considered as a number 1 on a different day because they are all so good! With Super Dope New Albums from Mahalia, MMYYKK, MelonyX, and Cherise, as well as a soulful new Projects from Hamzaa & 1SRAEL, Tanika Charles, Mike Lindup, the renowned Paulette McWilliams and instrumental Projects from Terrace Martin and Zaimie along with other dope Projects. Check out my current rank order from 1 Thru 18 below

Most of these projects are also availble on traditional digital streaming platforms, except just one EP so far exclusively available on bandcamp. I noted which release this below below. Also check out our "Best Of" Playlist below for the Month of July 2023. The playlist includes some of the new stand alone singles from other artists as well as Album/EP track selections from this list. Our Spotify Playlist is entitled "New Soul (July 2023)". You can also check out the playlist embedded from spotify below. Enjoy the music!

Post by Cril of Out Da Box

  1. Mahalia - IRL (Deluxe)

  2. MMYYKK - The Midst of Things

  3. MELONYX - Soul Glow

  4. Cherise - Calling

  5. Hamzaa & 1SRAEL - RUSH EP

  6. Tanika Charles - The Union Sessions (Live in Studio EP)

  7. Mike Lindup - Changes 2

  8. Terrace Martin - Curly

  9. Zaimie - Fortuituous

  10. Paulette McWilliams - These Are The Sweetest Things

  11. Jessy Lanza - Love Hallucination

  12. NDA.HLGRM - The Dilla Diaries EP (Bandcamp)

  13. Idman - Risk EP

  14. Noah Coinflip - Funnel For The Heavens EP

  15. Manukahunney - My Dark Side EP

  16. Flo - 3 of Us EP

  17. Tori Kelly - tori

New Soul (July 2023 Spotify Playlist)


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