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Best Soul Albums/ EPs of May 2023

Updated: Jul 9

The month of May had a good list of New releases that came out from Singer / Soul Artists. Although not as vast as a list there were some pretty dope RnB / Soul Albums and EPs that came out that worth checking out. We got new Projects from Summer Walker, Kelly Moonstone, Rory, Madison McFerrin, Kim Tavar and much more. Check out our list ranked in order from 1 through 18. Most of these projects are also availble on traditional digital streaming platforms, however there is only 1 available currently only on bandcamp. I indicated which project this was, listed below.

Also check out our "Best Of" Playlist below for the Month of May 2023. The playlist includes some of the new stand alone singles from other artists and Album/EP track selections from this list. Our Spotify Playlist is entitled "New Soul (May 2023)". You can also check out the playlist embedded from spotify below. Enjoy the music!

Post by Cril of Out Da Box

  1. Summer Walker - Clear 2: Soft Life EP

  2. Kelly Moonstone - I Digress....

  3. Rory - I Thought It'd Be Different

  4. Madison McFerrin - I Hope You Can Forgive Me

  5. Kim Tavar - The Next Stage

  6. Dorian Halley & Nayana Holley - DNA

  7. Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Intuition

  8. Angie Stone - Love Language

  9. Ari LaShell - AWH EP (Bandcamp)

  10. Khamari - A Brief Nirvana

  11. Q - Soul, Present

  12. Mnelia - Closure Tapes

  13. Kevin Ross - Midnight Microdose, Vol. 1

  14. Emily King - Special Occasion

  15. 79.5 - 79.5

  16. Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine

  17. K. Raydio - Metamorphosis

  18. Ingram Street - Streetlights

Newly Added Albums/EPs

  1. Alexander O'Neal - Is This Seat Taken EP

  2. Marie Dahlstrom - A Good Life

New Soul (May 2023, Spotify Playlist)


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