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Best Soul Albums/EPs of May 2024

The month of May 2024 provided a lot of new and dope Soul Albums/EPs. Lots of new releases from some very talented Singers out today. We got new albums from Mumu Fresh, Andra Day, Vedo, Nigel Hall and DJ Harrison, Bryony Jarman-Pinto, Nubiyan Twist, Johnny Brit and much more. Check out my favorite selections in rank order from 1 thru 16 below, 17 thru remainder are in no specific rank order.

All of these projects are availble on traditional digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music etc. Check out our "Best Of" Playlist below for the Month of May 2024. The playlist includes some of the new stand alone singles from other artists, as well as Album/EP track selections from this list. Our Spotify Playlist is entitled "New Soul (May 2024)". You can also check out the playlist embedded from spotify below. Enjoy the music!

30. Maurice White - Manifestation (Deluxe Edition)

31. Felix Ames - JENA (Deluxe)


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