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Best Soul/Vocal Albums & EPs of March 2022

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

March in general was a quieter month for Soul / Vocalist Releases but these are some of my Favorite Projects of the month. These were either Albums or EPs all released in the month of March 2022. All of these Projects are on digital streaming platforms and most of them are on bandcamp. Check out our #OutDaBoxHipHopSoul Playlist “New Soul March 2022 which includes music from these Albums and EPs and other singles released this month is also on Spotify now. I will likely be adding more New Releases to this list based on any March Projects I may have missed but this is the bulk of what the list will look like. Enjoy!

  1. Alex Isley & Jack Dine - Marigold

  2. A. Billi Free & The Lasso - Holy Body Roll

  3. Ego Ella May - Field Notes Pt. II EP

  4. MALIA - What’s After ‘I Love You?’ EP

  5. Fana Hues - flora + fana

  6. Ibibo Sound Machine - Electricity

  7. Juanita Euka - Mabanzo

  8. Tiana Major9 - Fool Me Once EP

  9. Byamm - The Anamorphic Fantasy EP

  10. Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks - Keep On Keepin’ On

  11. Lucky Daye - Candy Drip

  12. Indigo Marshall - The Fall EP

  13. Selah Sue - Persona

  14. Yuna - Y1 EP

  15. Michele Thomas - The Assumption


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