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Best Soul Vocal Albums/EPs of November 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

In this Month of November 2022 we received a number of Quality Soul Vocal Projects from some certainly talented Artists. New Albums from SAULT (actually 5 new projects), Phony Ppl, Hill St. Soul, Stormzy, Centric, Oshun, Yuna, DRAM, Jah'Mila, Mayyadda, Dawn Jospeh and much more. Lots of smooth grooves and amazing soul was released is the 11th month. Check out our following "Best Of Soul Vocal Projects List" for the Month of November 2022, ranked in current favorite order from 1 thru 24. A few projects are Holiday themed, some projects are short EPs, and a couple projects have acutally been released earlier this year (but with new tracks were recently added to update these projects). All of the projects listed below are on most digital streaming platforms except for Alicia Keys' Holiday Album exclusively on Apple Music. Check out the links to each project below.

Also check out our "Best Of" Playlist for the Month of November, to hear some of the new stand alone singles from other artists and album track selections from this list via our SpotifyPlaylist "New Soul (November 2022)". You can also check out the playlist embedded from spotify below. Enjoy the music!

  1. SAULT - Untitled (God)

  2. SAULT - 11

  3. Phony Ppl - Euphonyus

  4. Hill St. Soul - Back In Love

  5. Stormzy - This Is What I Mean

  6. Centric - Love Received

  7. SAULT - Earth

  8. Oshun - Vol. ii

  9. Yuna - Y5

  10. DRAM - What Had Happened Was

  11. Jah'Mila - Roots Girl (Reggae Soul)

  12. Mayyadda - Holiday Joint EP

  13. Black Panther - Wakanda Forever: Music From and Inspired By (Film Soundtrack)

  14. Dawn Joseph - Up Front EP

  15. Mahalia Fontaine - Affairs of Her Heart EP

  16. Desmond Parson - Like a November

  17. Tim De Cotta - Heart Matter

  18. Coco Jones - What I Didn't Tell You

  19. Savannah Taylor - Niveah EP

  20. Demi Jordanae - How Did We Get Here EP

  21. Destin Conrad - Satin

  22. Fana Hues - Flora + Fana Deluxe (3 New Tracks)

  23. Alicia Keys - Santa Baby (exclusively on Apple Music)

  24. Vivian Green - Spread The Love (Holiday EP)

New Projects for November 2022 added

Misha - Nocturnal EP

New Soul (November 2022) Spotify Playlist


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